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Cartoon for the Wildlife Justice Commission.
This cartoon is selected for Peace & Justice 2015-2016. The cartoon is based on an idea by a student from Scots College in New Zealand.

Peace & Justice cartoon exhibition is on display together with the World Press Photo 2015 at the city hall of The Hague. It will be there until October 1st:

Cuts! - 

Cartoon made for the National 4 and 5 May Committee in the Netherlands, and is part of the annual Perspectives on Freedom project. (Copyright:

 Cartoon for the project on children's rights  based on this idea by two 7th grade students from Lebanon-(Copyright:

Faceless Economy-(Copyright:

Cartoon for a cartoon exhibition about Peace and Justice at the Peace Palace in The Hague (NL)

A message to extremists-(Copyright:

Poster for the "Sphere Project" (

The butcher's knife-(Copyright:

One man's waste... (Copyright:

International Workers' Day- (Copyright:

Published in the online magazine "Sampsonia Way" (
and in the BBC site (

Russian Shadow Over Crimea:

Published in the online magazine "Sampsonia Way" (

The syrian powder-keg
Cartoon for the blog

 According to the World Health Organization, 3,8% of all global deaths are attributable to alcohol.
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Caricature of Mohammad Saba'aneh.
The cartoon published by the english magazine "New Internationalist" about the five months detention of the cartoonist Mohammad Saba'aneh by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF)

'The safety and security of people in situations of disaster or conflict is of particular humanitarian concern, including the protection of refugees and internally displaced persons.' This cartoon is selected from our pitch for the Sphere Project, and will be used in a campaign to promote minimum standards in humanitarian assistance (Copyright:

This cartoon is part of the project on the upcoming elections in Mexico. Corruption is a serious menace to the outcome of the election, and a real problem for this country in trouble. (Copyright:

This cartoon is part of the project "Your Peace Retweeted" and is based on a tweet: 'Music Above Fighting'. (Copyright:

The struggle between globalization and localism is an uneven fight. This cartoon is used by the German publisher "Cornelsen" for an educational publication about outsourcing.

Democratic elections

 Speculator's laugh (Copyright:

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Steve Jobs (Copyright:

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"When a message in a bottle becomes useless...
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A Whale of a Debt
"A whale of a debt" (Copyright: Cartoon Movement)

May 24, 2011
Kids & Cartoonists - Article by Tjeerd Royaards

Last Thursday (May 19), the special project about the Millennium Development Goals was concluded in Amsterdam with the presentation of the book 'Kids & Cartoonists'. The project was a collaboration between 82 cartoonists and more than 200 students from five high schools throughout the Netherlands. Together, they came up with over 300 ideas for cartoons about the environment, water, energy and human rights. From these, 98 cartoons were selected for this cartoon book, which will be used in schools to teach about the MDGs, and about the value of editorial cartooning.

All the cartoons that have been made for this project can be found on the website, but the sheer volume of cartoons, both published and in the newsroom, might make it difficult to get an idea of the project. The slideshow below gives an overview of some of the best sketches that were submitted by students, and the cartoons that were made by cartoonists on the basis of those sketches.

The project was made possible with funding by NCDO, a Dutch organization dedicated to creating awareness about the Millennium Development Goals and European Development Policy. This was our first project mixing editorial cartoons with education, and at the start of the project (December 2010), we did not quite know what to expect. Would high school students be interested in editorial cartoons, and would professional cartoonists be interested in collaborating with the students?

In the first two months of the new year, we (me and my colleague running our Foundation) visited a number of schools to tell about the project and to get students involved. The response we got was great. To my surprise, the students were very interested in cartoons, and most had a very good eye for what the cartoonist was trying to say. I heard some new and valid interpretations of cartoons, and some students even spotted things in cartoons I had missed.

So far, so good. Students liked cartoons, and were interested in hearing about them. Phase II of the project was to get them actively involved in the making of cartoons. We created a special section in our newsroom for students and cartoonists to use, and basically waited to see what would happen. The first ones to respond were the cartoonists, and soon the newsroom was filling up with with great cartoons. Then, students started trying out the newsroom; a bit hesitant at first, but as they received positive feedback from their fellow students and cartoonists, the amount of contributions rapidly increased.

One thing that concerned me in this project was that cartoonists are used to developing their own ideas into cartoons. Would they want to draw an idea that someone else came up with? Again, the response was great and far exceeded my expectations. The dynamic that evolved during the two months students and cartoonists worked together in the newsroom was the highlight of the project, and for me it showed the great potential of editorial cartoons as a tool in education, beyond just interpreting cartoons, but by having students work together with artists from all over the world to actively come up with ideas about certain subjects.

The project not only resulted in a great book with some brilliant cartoons, but also in a commitment of Cartoon Movement to continue with these kinds of collaborations, with schools in the Netherlands, but also schools in other parts of the world.

Tjeerd Royaards is an editor at Cartoon Movement.

International Worker's Day: International Workers' Day commemorates
the struggle of workers throughtout the world to better their situation.

Ousting the Dictator (Copyright: Cartoon Movement)

-Path of Destruction- (Copyright: Cartoon Movement)

While a dictator is still in power, democratic reform rarely heralds real change for the people. This cartoon is part of our special project on the Millennium Development Goals. It was made on the basis of a sketch done by a student from the Berlage Lyceum, a high school in the Netherlands